It Started: Huge Lay Offs, Banks In Trouble, & Interest Rates Are High

Key Learnings from the Video: "Unfortunate Economic Start to the Year & Banking Troubles"

Here's a summary of the important points discussed in the video:

Economic Situation:

  • The year has begun with several economic challenges:
    • Tens of thousands of job cuts and mandates to return to the office.
    • Concerns arising over the Federal Reserve's handling of interest rates.
    • New York Community Bank’s (NYCB) stock price plummeted by nearly 40%, reaching a 25-year low. Notably, NYCB was involved in the bailout of Signature Bank, which represents the third-largest bank failure in US history.
    • The Federal Reserve removed a comment indicating the banking sector's health, which raises concerns.


  • Massive layoffs are occurring across various sectors, especially in tech:
    • Amazon, BlackRock, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and many other companies have announced significant job reductions.
    • Over 65,000 job losses announced at the start of 2024, with at least 30,000 already laid off.

New York Community Bank:

  • NYCB is facing challenges due to:
    • A significant portion of its portfolio tied up in commercial real estate loans, which are currently at risk due to office space vacancies.
    • Upcoming loan refinances at higher current interest rates against lower-value collaterals.
    • The bank exceeds $100 billion in AUM, necessitating a legal reserve that they currently lack, leaving them vulnerable to insolvency if there's a run on the bank.

Federal Reserve’s Decisions:

  • The Fed has kept interest rates steady at the beginning of 2024 (5.25 to 5.5%).
  • Layoffs are linked to the high interest rates impacting corporate spending and employment.

Future Interest Rates:

  • The CME Fed Watch tool suggests a low chance that the Fed will lower rates in March, but more likely by May, albeit by a small margin.
  • History shows that when the Fed lowers rates, it often indicates a looming recession.

Investment and Savings Advice:

  • The importance of making oneself invaluable at work is highlighted.
  • Caution against accepting financial advice from unreliable sources, particularly in the case of chasing high dividend yields.
  • The speaker is personally practicing dollar-cost averaging into S&P 500 index funds, Schwab's dividend ETF, and Bitcoin, avoiding individual stock picks except for Tesla.
  • Emphasis on having an emergency fund and investing consistently.

Sponsor Segment:

  • The video includes a sponsored segment promoting the trading app Mumu, with a mention of bonuses for new users.

Personal Views:

  • The narrator expresses a cautious approach to spending and investing due to the uncertain economic climate.
  • A plug for viewers to subscribe to the channel, use referral links for free stocks, and join the Patreon for additional content.

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