Making Millions with UI Libraries: How? | Aceternity UI

Interviewee Introduction:

  • Name: Manu
  • Background:
    • Began coding in 2016, during his second year of college from which he graduated in 2019.
    • Started with web development, learning HTML and CSS, then moving to JavaScript and various frameworks.
    • Angular was his first framework but switched to React as it was popular and helped job prospects.
    • Had an entrepreneurial drive, began freelancing, and eventually started his own agency, eity.
    • Works mainly with startups based in the US, using React and related frameworks.

Educational Journey:

  • Initially went to college but after one semester spent more time studying independently.
  • Learned through online courses, self-teaching in his hostel room.
  • Completed his degree while progressively disconnecting from formal education.

Professional Journey and Freelancing:

  • First paid gig: Built a website for a local restaurant during his third or fourth semester.
  • Developed his skills in PHP and other technologies before focusing on front-end development.
  • fter college, worked as a freelancer building websites for local businesses and started his agency.
  • Started accepting projects through Upwork but transitioned away from it due to its competitive environment.

Agency Business Model:

  • Has a tiered subscription model with most clients opting for the $10,000/month tier.
  • Clients receive front-end development, sometimes full-stack development for higher prices.
  • Work involves building landing pages, web pages, and dashboard applications.
  • Agency transactions happen both in India and through a US LLC for convenience and financial structure.

Work Schedule and Project Management:

  • Works 7 days a week for approximately 14 hours daily.
  • Manages projects and tasks using Linear, similar to Jira.
  • Struggles with context-switching while managing multiple clients but tries to prioritize tasks efficiently.

Growth and Vision:

  • Manu aims to maintain high quality and speed in his work, which distinguishes his agency from others.
  • Sees a need to scale, possibly by hiring a developer who shares a long-term vision with his agency.
  • Currently considering learning more about financials, taxes, and options to possibly form a company in Dubai for tax efficiency.

UI Library Creation:

  • Created a UI library to get hands-on experience with SASS, handling real users, and managing a product life cycle.
  • Initially called Tailwind Master Kit; it's been a multi-year project.
  • Aimed to reduce friction for potential clients, allowing them to use components easily.
  • Has thought about monetization but chose to focus on providing free components while benefiting his agency through trust and proven capabilities.

Advice for Aspiring Freelancers:

  • Recommends building a presence on Twitter and sharing coding work rather than competing on Upwork.
  • Believes in providing and showcasing real-world solutions which can lead to opportunities and client trust.

Mental Shift and Pricing:

  • Higher-paying clients tend to be easier to work with and more trusting than those paying lower prices.
  • Clients who choose higher-tier packages are generally looking for a long-term partnership.
  • Touched on the importance of the developer's perceived value and the quality of work rather than just the price.

Personal Goals:

  • Currently satisfied being a solo entrepreneur but open to evolving into an entrepreneurial role that may require managing a team if needed.
  • Plans to continue focusing on the quality and unique value he brings to his work.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Noted the surprise and sometimes rude responses to his pricing structure, but chooses to disregard negativity.
  • Expressed gratitude for being part of a growing number of Indian entrepreneurs succeeding in the global market and remote work opportunities.

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