If I Had To Make $1 Billion... Here’s The Business I Would Start

Summary of Video: "How To Make A Million And A Billion Dollars - My First Million Podcast"

Main Focus:

  • Discussing an idea that could potentially earn one a million dollars in a year.
  • Exploring an idea that could lead to making a billion-dollar valuation.

Million Dollar Idea:

  • Selling a business is the proposed route for making a million dollars rapidly.
  • Service suggestion: creating a brokerage site for buying and selling businesses, similar to Quiet Light Brokerage.
  • The strategy involves reverse engineering successful businesses listed for sale, being "inspired by" and creating something slightly different.
  • An example includes a business providing a membership service for a niche audience with high potential for profitability and scalability.

Billion Dollar Idea:

  • Focusing on humanoids or robots to automate a variety of tasks.
  • Predicted that humanoids will replace 40% of jobs within 12 years.
  • Suggestion that one could gather hardware engineering experts and strategize a company focusing on humanoids, potentially targeting the humanoid market for multiple sectors.

Thrill of the Shill (Product Promotion Segment):

  • Sam shares his experience with Hampton, a community for entrepreneurs who at least have a million-dollar revenue, highlighting the value of considering employees' costs as investments rather than expenses.

Billion Dollar Idea (Alternative):

  • Sean suggests buying a university, utilizing its accreditation and campus.
  • Plans to cater to elite students with hard-to-achieve entry standards and a strong brand.
  • Suggests using NFTs representing admission seats as a way to fundraise.
  • Uses the analogy of Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) in stadiums to illustrate selling these NFTs.
  • Admission seat NFTs would provide a revenue share from the tuition, creating a steady stream of income for buyers.

Key Takeaways:

  • To earn a significant amount of money rapidly, selling a business or offering limited and exclusive services/products can be effective strategies.
  • In the realm of university education, there's potential in creating prestige and an exclusive allure, potentially leveraging the NFT craze.

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