Best Web Design Resources 2024

Key Takeaways

  1. Dora AI:

    • Generates websites from simple prompts.
    • Easy-to-edit text, images, and layout.
    • Similar in functionality to Figma.
  2. Reloom:

    • Generates site sections for Figma and Webflow.
    • Offers customizable sections and wireframes.
    • Allows copying of components to Figma and Webflow.
  3. TileBit:

    • Cheaper alternative to Reloom.
    • Limited components but integrates well with Webflow.
  4. Flow Bas:

    • Component library for Webflow, Figma, and Framer.
    • Offers free components with editable designs in Figma.
  5. Lamb Book:

    • Provides inspiration for web and landing page designs.
    • Categories and color-based search for easier navigation.
  6. Godly:

    • Inspiration site focusing on tech, SaaS, and Web 3.0 designs.
    • Filters for dark mode, gradient, and other design styles.
  7. Dark Does:

    • Curated collection of dark-themed website designs.
    • Framework and CMS information provided.
  8. MOBB:

    • Collection of app screens from various brands.
    • Ideal for app design inspiration.
  9. Mesh Gradients:

    • Downloadable gradient packs for web design.
    • Available in AI, PNG, and JPEG formats.
  10. Inspo Vault:

    • Design inspiration across different categories with bookmarking feature.
  11. Navbar Gallery:

    • Specific to different types of navigation bars.
  12. StoryTale Doio:

    • Offers free and premium 3D assets and illustrations.
  13. Contrast Checker:

    • Tool to test color contrast for accessibility.
  14. Type Scale:

    • Helps create a typographic scale for web design.
  15. Colors EVA:

    • Generates color tints and shades.
    • Useful for maintaining color consistency in design projects.
  16. Footer Design:

    • Platform for finding beautifully designed website footers.
  17. Magnif.AI:

    • Upscale image resolution with AI.

    • Compresses images while maintaining quality.
  19. Start Websites:

    • Curated list of inspiring minimalistic websites.
  20. Minimal Gallery:

    • Showcases functional and aesthetically pleasing websites.
  21. Interface Iname:

    • UI designs and assets for game developers.
  22. Dark Mode Design:

    • Focuses on websites with dark UI/UX designs.
  23. Font Ninja:

    • Chrome extension for identifying fonts on any website.
  24. Fonts in the Wild:

    • A collection of fonts used in various live websites.
  25. Hero Icons:

    • Tailwind CSS SVG icons free to use.
  26. DrawKit:

    • Illustrations and icons, mostly premium with some free options.
  27. Icon Scout:

    • Diverse range of free and premium icons and illustrations.
  28. Blush Design:

    • Free and paid illustrations suitable for placeholders or final use.
  29. Email Love:

    • Repository of email designs and templates for inspiration.

These resources collectively enhance different aspects of web design, from generating raw designs to gathering inspiration and optimizing visual elements.

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