Crypto Analyst Reveals His Big Bets for 2024 | Qiao Wang

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  • Speculation in Crypto: While many Venture Capitalists (VCs) are disillusioned with the speculative nature of crypto, speculation is broadly accepted and practiced among crypto users. The guest, Chia, suggests that speculation might be looked down upon because it's seen as a zero-sum game, whereas venture investing is seen as a positive-sum game.

  • Degens as Early Adopters: Chia describes early adopters of Bitcoin as "Degens" (a term often used fondly within the crypto community), recalling the days of sending money to an unknown bank in Japan to buy Bitcoin. This pioneer spirit is seen in those investing in early NFTs, meme coins, and innovative projects like Helium (a decentralized telecom network), which seemed highly risky at the time.

  • Rise of Stable Coins: Contrary to the prevailing notion that only speculators are adopting crypto, stable coins are being adopted worldwide at a rapid pace, initially for speculative activities like cross-exchange arbitrage and leverage trading. However, their use is expanding in remittance and cross-border payments, especially in regions where access to stable currencies is limited.

  • Decentralized Utopia and Risk: Chia draws an analogy between early adopters of the internet and crypto, suggesting that the crypto industry needs open-minded, risk-seeking pioneers to test and improve the financial infrastructure.

  • Hayek's Vision and Stablecoins: The guest reflects on his past article on economist Friedrich Hayek's vision of an alternative currency. He differentiates Bitcoin as a fiat debasement hedge from stable coins, which are increasingly used for transactions and resemble a digitized form of the US dollar.

  • AI and Crypto Intersection: Chia hypothesizes that crypto could help facilitate AI development by creating decentralized marketplaces for GPU resources and providing programmable, permissionless financial transactions required by autonomous AI agents.

  • AI Stocks Masked as Other Categories: Some companies, such as Snowflake and semiconductor companies like ASML and ACLS, can be seen as AI plays due to their investment in AI-related technologies or infrastructure, although they may not be recognized as AI stocks currently.

  • Investment Strategies in High Technology Sectors: Chia mentions he wishes he realized earlier that public stocks may follow a venture capital-like return profile, where only a few drive all the returns, especially in rapidly evolving tech sectors.

  • Crypto as a Tool for Great Investing: Chia points out that crypto, especially Bitcoin, has taught a generation of investors how to adopt great investing practices, such as long-term holding — something mirrored in traditional investment wisdom.

Chia's Excitement for the Next Bull Market: Includes payment stable coin real-world assets (RWAs), the L2 rollup called base, Solana, meme coins, circle IPO, and coinbase stock.

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