6 Retro Business Ideas That Could Be As Big As LEGO ($11.8B)

Summary of MFM Episode: Lego Niche Businesses and Passionate Communities

Key Points:

  • Sam Parr discovered two Lego niche businesses with a unique background story and business model.
  • The hosts discuss the benefits of engaging in niche hobbies, such as Legos, which offer bonding, nostalgia, screen-free time, and mental relaxation.
  • Legos appeal to a growing segment of adult enthusiasts who are engaging in "eldertainment," or adult purchases of toys.
  • The episode includes considerations about living in large homes and prototyping lifestyles, highlighting the benefits and downsides of big living spaces.
  • Lego Technics sets, which involve creating models with moving parts like gears and transmissions, attract interest due to their educational and relaxing aspects.
  • Rebrickable is a platform where Lego enthusiasts can share and sell custom Lego instructions (MOCs) to build alternative models from existing Lego pieces, fostering a strong online community.
  • Bricklink, another platform started in 2000, focuses on buying and selling Lego parts and sets, eventually becoming owned by Lego itself after an interesting backstory involving its original founder and subsequent owners.

Takeaway: The episode highlights the fascinating world of Lego and how niche passions can lead to strong online communities and successful businesses. They also underscore the importance of experimenting with lifestyle choices to determine personal preferences.

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