Crypto in 2024 & BTC Price Predictions: Tim Draper & Raoul Pal!!

Key Learning of the Bitcoin Boom Cycle Discussion


  • Raoul Pal: Founder of Real Vision and former macro investor at Goldman Sachs
  • Tim Draper: Bitcoin billionaire, early investor in Bitcoin beginning at $4, and purchaser of BTC from the US Marshals Service in 2014

Discussion Highlights:

  • Future Economic Stimulus:

    • Raoul Pal predicts significant economic stimulus measures in 2024 alongside slow economic growth and potentially falling inflation.
    • Stimulus measures are associated with currency debasement, influencing asset inflation and causing assets like crypto to rise in value relative to the debasing currency.
  • Crypto as an Investment:

    • Both technology and crypto have been noted to outperform the debasement of currency since 2008.
    • The future stimulus creates opportunities, especially in crypto, leading to its performance as a strong asset class.
  • Crypto Wallet Growth Forecast:

    • Raoul Pal expects an increase in crypto wallets, from 516 million to a billion or more in the upcoming cycle.
  • Integration of Blockchain Technology:

    • Financial institutions like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, as well as major brands, are building on blockchain rails, signifying widespread adoption.
  • Investment Focus:

    • Raoul Pal: Has a concentrated bet on crypto, with a particular focus on Solana. He has a large holding in Ethereum and some in Bitcoin as well.
    • Tim Draper: Focuses on early-stage investments in technology, and has observed the trend of important applications moving to Bitcoin as a platform.
  • Stablecoin Expansion:

    • Raoul Pal believes stablecoins will continue to grow as they provide a tokenized euro dollar market and access to US dollars, especially in economies with currency issues.
  • Bitcoin's Future and Tech Integration:

    • Tim Draper is excited about platforms like Stacks, which allow for developments on the Bitcoin network, such as smart contracts and NFTs, indicating a consolidation around Bitcoin.
    • He emphasizes that Bitcoin is becoming more efficient and less energy-intensive, citing the Lightning Network as an example.
  • Potential Crypto Exits:

    • Both speakers anticipate some notable crypto companies may go public, like Circle or certain crypto exchanges, though they caution that market conditions can impact these outcomes.
  • Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2024:

    • Raoul Pal refrains from giving precise predictions but suggests Bitcoin will trade significantly higher, reaching new all-time highs.
    • Tim Draper sticks to his previous prediction of $250,000 but acknowledges he was wrong about the timeframe; he believes it might still be achieved in 2024.

Conclusion: The video showcases optimism about the future of cryptocurrency, predicting increased adoption, integration, and growth of the crypto market, stimulated by global economic policies and technological advancements. Stablecoins are seen as integral to this growth, acting as a bridge in economies with currency restrictions. The speakers emphasize the potential for significant returns in crypto assets during stimulus periods and highlight notable trends, such as the pivot towards Bitcoin as a major platform for diverse applications.

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