Die Polizei im Silvester-Stress - eine exklusive Reportage | SPIEGEL TV

Summary of "Böllerei und nicht nur Spaß dabei – Silvester in Berlin"

The video provides a detailed depiction of Silvester (New Year's Eve) in Berlin, focusing on the challenging work of security forces during this intense night. Here are the key points:

  • Fireworks and Chaos: Germans spent approximately 200 million euros on fireworks for the occasion, and along with it comes chaos, with not only fireworks but also guns being used in celebrations. There were also instances of cars being set ablaze.
  • Preparation and Police Presence: Over 4000 police officers, including the 25th riot squad, prepared for the night's events, focusing on a 1.5 km stretch on Sonnenallee in Neukölln. There were concerns over illegal fireworks and politically motivated activists.
  • Emergency Responses: The Berlin Fire Department responded to 660 fires throughout the night. The police also dealt with many disturbances, which frequently involved illegal use of fireworks and firearms.
  • Public Disorder: There were numerous arrests related to violations of the Explosives Act and the Weapons Act, and also instances where police and fire services were attacked.
  • Social Media Interaction: The Berlin Police communicated warnings and incidents on their Twitter account, engaging with more than 600,000 followers.
  • Multiple Incidents: The evening saw various incidents, such as public brawls, use of illegal fireworks including "Polenböller" (illegal fireworks from Poland), and shots fired from blank guns (which require licenses).
  • Injuries and Damages: There were several injuries, both to the public and to 54 police officers, 30 resulting from pyrotechnics.
  • Political Aspects: Left-wing activists and anarchists spoke out, and there were demonstrations outside a detention center, demanding the release of prisoners and criticizing the penal system.
  • Final Summary of the Night: Despite the massive police presence and the incidents, the night seemed to conclude with a sense of control regained, with fewer attacks on emergency services compared to previous years.
  • Looking Ahead: The police and public services started planning for future events as the night wound down, but there were still sporadic incidents which required police intervention.

Overall, the video showcases the intensity of New Year's Eve in Berlin, highlighting the efforts of the police and emergency services in managing public safety amidst widespread celebrations and instances of disorder.

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