13 Businesses Making +$1,000,000/Year With 0 Employees

Summary of Key Insights:

This episode is focused on companies that have achieved significant success with only one or two employees. They discuss the sale of Wargraphs for $54 million, which was run by a single person. The conversation revolves around businesses that fly under the radar but make millions in revenue with minimal staff.

Noteworthy Businesses Mentioned:

  • Wargraphs: A one-person company sold for $54 million.
  • Stardew Valley: A popular game created by a single developer, Eric Barone, which has generated significant revenue.
  • StreamYard: A streaming service that grew rapidly, reaching $30 million in revenue, and sold for $250 million.
  • Plenty of Fish: A dating website established by one person, later acquired for $550 million.
  • TinyWow: Provides tools such as PDF converters and AI-based image editing, driving high traffic but currently under-monetized.
  • Photopea: An impressive one-person venture that replicates Photoshop for free in a browser.

Categories and Awards:

Biggest One-Person Business:

  • Stardew Valley: A game made by a single developer with over $150 million in sales.

Highest Degree of Difficulty:

  • Photopea: Recreating Photoshop's functionalities single-handedly.

Easiest to Recreate:

  • Information or Service Solutions: Selling courses or other information services.

Most Fun One-Person Business:

  • Joe Rogan Experience: A podcast that has become a cultural phenomenon with minimal staff.

Business Most Would Want to Own:

  • Milled.com: An aggregator of email marketing from various companies, generating around $1 million annually with minimal input.

Rookie of the Year:

  • Joseph Mambra: Developed Gymstreak, an app for workout tracking and management.

Worst of the Best: (Least Preferable to Run)

  • Kevin Van Trump Report: Despite its financial success, the daily, substantial commitment to high-quality content creation makes it a less desirable one-person business.

Takeaways for Aspiring Solo Entrepreneurs:

  • Specialize in either distribution or product.
  • Develop strong skills in a specific area.
  • Leverage code, media, or capital to reduce dependency on labor.
  • Create something that caters to a global audience.
  • Be aware of the potential loneliness in running a one-person operation.

Additional Insights:

  • Familiarity with prominent figures in specific industries can offer unique business perspectives and lessons on success.
  • Collaboration and partnership in business ventures may increase both productivity and enjoyment of the process.

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