10 Ways to Make Money as a Developer

Here are the key takeaways about making money as a developer, according to the speaker:

  1. Professional Web Developer: Landing a job as a web developer is a common and stable way to earn an income, with salaries depending on location. In some areas like Boston, developers can earn between $50k and $108k per year.

  2. Freelancing: Offers freedom and the chance to run your own business. While it can be risky due to income variability, it can also be very rewarding. Platforms like Upwork are a starting point, but eventually moving beyond them to direct client interaction is advised.

  3. Blogging: As a form of content creation, it can eventually generate income through ads, affiliate links, own product promotion, and sponsorships. Building a social media presence is beneficial to promote the blog.

  4. YouTube Channel: Creating video content can be fulfilling, though it should not be done solely for the purpose of making money, as revenue can take time to develop.

  5. Live Coding and Streaming: Live teaching of code on platforms like Twitch can bring in income, but it is beneficial to build up an audience first, possibly through YouTube or social media.

  6. One-on-One Mentoring: Leveraging your expertise to mentor others is lucrative; some earn over $100 per hour. It's worth starting with free sessions to gain experience before charging.

  7. Courses: Creating and selling educational courses can be profitable. It is advisable to build an audience with free content first before selling courses.

  8. Digital Products: Selling web apps, plugins, themes, templates, and other digital tools can generate additional income. Building and selling these products can range from passive to active income sources.

  9. Open Source Contributions: You can make money by creating open-source products through platforms like Patreon or GitHub Sponsors, or by offering a paid version with more features.

  10. Software as a Service (SaaS): Developing a hosted product licensed month to month can be profitable. Success requires significant dedication and time, but the financial rewards can be substantial for a successful SaaS.

For more details and in-depth strategies on each of these methods, the speaker recommends checking out Florin's eBook, which includes a promo code for a discount.

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