I earn $1,753/day with this SIMPLE tech stack

Key Learning from Tech Stack Overview

General Philosophy:

  • Consistency in using the same tech stack has allowed efficient shipping of 21 products with significant user engagement and revenue, while keeping operational costs and complexity at a minimum, even as a solo developer handling both development and customer support.

Tech Stack Details:


  • React.js: The primary library for UI, utilized for its popularity and ecosystem, yet the creator mostly uses basic hooks like useState and useEffects.
  • Next.js: Used for page routing and SEO optimization; simplifies the process of creating and deploying web pages.


  • Tailwind CSS: Chosen for its utility-first approach where styles are added directly in HTML, making it more intuitive.
  • Daisy UI: A UI library integrated with Tailwind CSS for faster development, using pre-made components like buttons and forms.


  • Next.js Serverless Functions: Facilitates API endpoint creation without additional package installation or OS maintenance.
  • MongoDB: Preferred for its simplicity in setup and use. For each new project, a free M0 cluster is created, with occasional paid backups.
  • Mongoose: Added to MongoDB to simplify and make queries more "English friendly."

Email Provider:

  • Mailgun: Employed for sending magic links and secure tokens for user logins. Offers an affordable plan for the volume of emails sent.

Payment Processing:

  • Stripe: Handles all types of payments. An article is suggested to aid new users with the Stripe API.


  • Vercel: Manages deployments automatically from a GitHub repository. Even with numerous projects and high traffic, costs remain low.

Database Hosting:

  • MongoDB Atlas: Hosts over 21 clusters, with mostly free M0 clusters in use.

Monitoring and Analytics:

  • Plausible: Analytics tool for tracking site visitors and events, represents the most expensive part of the tech stack.
  • Vercel Deployment Logs: Used for diagnosing bugs within the last 24 hours at no cost.

Split Testing:

  • Handled manually via database queries rather than using specific services.

Specific Features and Services:

  • OpenAI (GPT models): For AI-driven features like logo generation, with a moderate monthly cost.
  • Amazon Web Services: AWS S3 for image hosting and AWS CloudFront for CDN services.

Development Aid:

  • GitHub Copilot: Acts as a virtual junior software engineer, accelerating coding speed for a monthly fee.

Philosophy on Tech Stack:

  • Focusing on one tech stack and mastering it is deemed more crucial than chasing the latest technologies and trends. Customer experience is prioritized over using the newest tools.

Final Thoughts:

  • Emphasis on selecting a tech stack and sticking with it to enhance speed and efficiency in product development. This mindset is encouraged for other developers who are looking to streamline their workflow and focus on delivering to their customers.

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