How to Create More & Consume Less in 2024

Key Takeaways

  1. Content Consumption vs. Creation:

    • Most people consume more content than they create, which is referred to as the 99-1 rule: 90% lurk, 9% interact, and 1% actively create.
    • Consuming content alone isn't productive; creation adds value.
  2. Benefits of Creating Content:

    • Deepens Understanding: Creating content forces you to organize your thoughts and solidify your knowledge.
    • Builds Personal Brand: Your online presence acts as your resume.
    • Opens Opportunities: Sharing content can lead to collaborations, job opportunities, and new connections.
  3. Curation Method:

    • Collecting: Start by gathering content that interests you.
    • Curating: Select and organize the best content to tell a story and present a clear message. This involves active engagement rather than passive collection.
    • Creation via Curation: Annotate, explain, and add your perspective to the curated content to make it meaningful.
  4. Ways to Curate and Create Content:

    • Curated Newsletters: Summarize important news in a specific niche.
    • Infographics: Visual explanations of complex topics.
    • Comparison Tables: Research and compare different options.
    • Toolkits: Compile valuable tools and resources for a specific skill or niche.
    • Guides: Create comprehensive guides for beginners in a particular field.
    • Reviews: Share your opinions on products, art, or trends.
  5. Principles for Effective Content Curation:

    • Collect in a "Second Brain": Use a notes app to store and organize interesting content.
    • Learn in Public: Share your learning journey publicly.
    • Combine Personal and Objective: Share practical content with your interpretation and commentary.
    • Always Pitch Something: Encourage others to take beneficial actions.
    • Feed and Tune Your Network: Engage with a community that values the same content.
  6. Mindset Shift:

    • You don’t need to be an expert to share your ideas—everyone has valuable insights.
    • Creation is about joy in the process, not just the destination.
  7. Engage in Dialogue:

    • Think of content creation as a conversation with your future self, enhancing self-understanding and showcasing your evolution over time.
  8. Ending Note:

    • Ask yourself what brings you joy and how you can share that joy with others. This process strengthens community and self-reflection.

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