Sidemen Cooking Challenge Summary

Round 1: Focaccia Bread & Espresso Martini

Key Points:

  • Each team has an impostor trying to sabotage their cooking.
  • If impostor succeeds without being caught, they win £3,000.
  • If impostor is caught, their teammates win the money.
  • Teams have 40 minutes to cook.
  • Impostors for round one are Simon for the blue team and JJ for the red team.
  • The blue team's bread ends up undercooked.
  • The red team adds unwanted ingredients including coffee beans, leading to suspicion.
  • Simon's subtle sabotage causes the blue team to lose the round.

Round 2: Dauphinoise Potatoes & Stuffed Chicken

Key Points:

  • New impostors are selected.
  • The blue team's dish turns liquidy due to too much oil.
  • Confusion arises between the teams about using the proper ovens and settings.
  • Josh from the blue team is suspected of being the impostor due to questionable behavior.
  • For the red team, Ethan's cooking is considered too well done for an impostor.
  • The red team wins, and Simon is revealed as the impostor of the blue team.
  • Josh was the impostor for the red team, but he does a poor job sabotaging.

Round 3: Baileys Tiramisu

Key Points:

  • Final round, another chance for the impostor to sabotage the dessert.
  • Teams must prepare a Bailey's tiramisu.
  • Misdirection leads to confusion regarding ingredients and amounts.
  • Ethan is the impostor for the blue team, adding peppermint to their dessert, ruining it.
  • Vic from the red team is suspected of the sabotage, but is not the impostor.

Conclusion and Winner

  • Blue team wins overall despite Ethan's successful sabotage in the final round.
  • Simon and Josh were the hardest to deceive, particularly when Simon played imposter brilliantly in round one.
  • Overall, blue team congratulates each other for taking the win despite a stressful cooking experience filled with mishaps and chaos.

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