you don't need motivation, but f*ck it here's some anyway

Key Takeaways

  • Stop Searching for External Solutions: Entrepreneurs often think the solution to their plateau lies in external sources like mentors, books, or new strategies. However, most problems are best solved by increasing one's level of intensity and focus.

  • Prioritize Ruthlessly: Inspired by Peter Thiel's method at PayPal, the key to productivity is to have a single, clear priority. Human nature tends to focus on multiple things, but true progress comes from committing to one primary goal.

  • Intensity and Focus: Intensity isn't about working 24/7. It's a formula: Focus x Common Sense x Insanity. Real change happens when you apply a high level of focused intensity to your tasks.

  • Examples of High Intensity in Business:

    • Mark Zuckerberg: Demonstrated intensity by acquiring Instagram over a weekend, showing relentless persistence and a focused approach.
    • WhatsApp Founders: Maintained strict focus on their core product, avoiding distractions and unnecessary features.
    • Stripe Founders: Used hands-on methods to onboard initial customers, showing their commitment and intensity to make the product work from the ground up.
  • Lead Bullets vs. Silver Bullets: Ben Horowitz emphasized the necessity of hard work and persistence (lead bullets) instead of looking for one-time solutions (silver bullets). Real progress comes through consistent effort and trying multiple solutions.

  • Execution Over Ideas: While strategy is important, 80% of success comes from execution. A clear and simple strategy executed with high intensity usually leads to success.

  • Sprint When Needed: Recognize pivotal moments that require increased effort and focus, and be prepared to sprint towards those opportunities with all your energy.

Actions to Implement

  1. Narrow Your Focus: Reduce the number of priorities your mind handles. Focus on one main problem or goal at a time.

  2. Common Sense Solutions: Write down simple, clear solutions to your problems that are easy to execute at a high level of intensity.

  3. Visualize Level 12 Intensity: Ask yourself what the highest level of intensity would look like for the task at hand. Use examples of extreme focus and commitment to inspire your own approach.

By adopting a singular focus, executing with a high level of intensity, and committing to relentless action, significant growth and progress in business can be achieved.

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