Apple Vision Pro Unboxing!

Apple Vision Pro Unboxing Summary


  • Product: Apple Vision Pro (AR/VR headset)
  • Price: $3,500 ($3,900 for 1TB Vision Pro)
  • Contents:
    • Vision Pro headset
    • Vision Pro Zeiss lenses (optical inserts for prescription)
    • Optional $200 extra Vision Pro Travel Case

Unboxing Experience:

  • Packaging: High-quality, everything is white or silver.
  • Included in Box:
    • Design by Apple in California pamphlet
    • Two different Light Seal Cushions (thin & thick)
    • Dual Loop Band (alternative to the Solo Knit Band)
    • Battery with proprietary connector (3,166 milliamp hours) for about 2.5-3 hours of use
    • USB-C cable and 30-watt wall brick for charging

The Headset:

  • Material: Aluminum housing with a lot of sensors and glass
  • Weight: Front-weighted and fairly dense
  • Light Seal Cushion: Custom-fitted based on a face scanning process, magnetic attachment
  • Bands:
    • Solo Knit Band: Soft, stretchy fabric, simple appearance, front-weighted discomfort possible.
    • Dual Loop Band: Goes over the top and back of the head for better weight distribution, more comfortable.


  • Vision Pro Travel Case: Protective layer for traveling, molded spaces for headset and accessories.
  • Zeiss Lenses: For those with prescription glasses, magnetically attach to the headset. Includes a code to scan so the headset adjusts to the prescription.


  • Initial Boot: Connection of the battery to the headset begins the boot process (~1 minute), setup to continue in a future video.

Sponsor Segment:

  • Anker's MagGo Products:
    • Wireless Charging Station: 3-in-1 charger for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.
    • MagGo Power Bank: 10,000 milliamp hours power bank with MagSafe compatibility and built-in stand.


  • Summary of impressions and anticipation for trying out the headset in various scenarios, such as on airplanes.
  • Encouragement to subscribe for upcoming videos detailing setup and use of the Vision Pro.

Note: The transcription contained some ambiguities, such as referring to the product both as the hypothetical "Apple Vision Pro" and simply "Vision Pro." Based on the contents of the video, it is simply referred to as "Vision Pro" in this summary.

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