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Ruthless Focus for Accomplishing Goals

Importance of Focus

  • Success in various fields, such as sports, entertainment, and business, is often attributed to an intense focus on a singular goal.
  • Lack of focus may result in a year passing without significant progression toward one’s objectives.

Strategy for Improved Focus

  1. Adjust Your Yes Threshold

    • Be aware of your tendency to say yes to too many commitments.
    • Raise your standards, only committing to things that excite you deeply – from "pretty good" to "hell yes".
  2. Adopt a Maker Schedule

    • Traditional manager schedules with constant meetings lead to overwhelmed and unproductive states.
    • Makers need long uninterrupted blocks of time to foster creativity and productivity.
    • Ideal schedule includes chunks of focused work time, interspersed with breaks.
  3. Clarity of Vision with the Pyramid of Clarity

    • Define your mission (long-term big vision).
    • Set both a floor goal (minimum acceptable) and a "hell yes" goal (aspirational) for the year.
    • Month by month, set specific tasks that align with your mission and contribute to reaching your goals.
    • Evaluate progress monthly to ensure no drift from the mission.
    • Define the mission in earnest and make sure it resonates with you.
  4. Allocate Resources Thoughtfully

    • Identify what is required in terms of people, product, and finances to achieve the one-year goal.
    • Map out the steps monthly to contribute towards the annual goal.
  5. Self-Awareness Exercise

    • State what you aim to achieve in a personalized and motivating way.
    • Explicitly acknowledge what you must say "yes" and "no" to, focusing on aspects that are not inherently easy for you.
    • Ensure these identifiers recognize your nature and counteract it for your set goal.


  • Focus is critical and learning how to effectively channel it can allow one to accomplish anything, though acceptance that not everything can be pursued simultaneously is key.

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