Je teste des variétés de Oreo insolites

Summary of Video: Dégustation d'Oreos Insolites


  • A relaxed at-home taste test of unique and international Oreo flavors.
  • The host is in pajamas and encourages viewers to get comfortable.
  • Testing mostly Chinese Oreo varieties not common in North America.

Oreo Flavors Tasted:

  1. Luxury Oreo (Likely Litchi & Rose flavor): Described as a refined product that seems luxurious and would pair well with tea. The cream is less sweet and less abundant than North American versions. Appreciated for its lightness and refinement.

  2. Peach & Oolong Tea Oreo: Emphasizes the peach flavor, with a subtle presence of oolong tea. The peach flavor was strong and appreciated, though the cream was minimal. The Oreo was liked almost as much as the classic version.

  3. Brownie Oreo: Contains Oreo pieces inside but lacks the Oreo cream. The brownie has a rich Oreo flavor but was considered to be generic in taste.

  4. Sakura Matcha (Cherry Blossom & Green Tea) Oreo: The matcha flavor is intense and bitter, reminiscent of vegetation, while the biscuit does not have a distinct cherry blossom flavor. Appreciated for its originality, though it's an intense flavor.

  5. Blueberry & Raspberry Oreo: A unique combination with each half of the Oreo representing one of the flavors. The flavor reminds the host of nostalgic candy flavors, though it is considered too artificial and not particularly enjoyed.

  6. Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo (European version): Strong artificial strawberry scent and flavor, lacks a true cheesecake taste. The cream is more abundant compared to Chinese versions but feels synthetic.

  7. Red Bean & Honey Oreo: The most unique and culturally different flavor, with a red creamy filling. Tastes like sweet cucumber, an unfamiliar flavor to the host and not very pleasant. It was the least favorite of the host.


  • The favorite flavor was the Peach & Oolong Tea Oreo.
  • For those interested in purchasing these flavors, the host mentions a website called Snacks Temps.
  • Invites viewers to like the video, subscribe, and follow on various social media platforms.

General Observations:

  • The host finds the flavors unique and some more enjoyable than others.
  • Appreciation for the creative and diverse range of flavors Oreo offers internationally.
  • The packaging of the Oreos is often tailored to represent the luxury or the specific flavor profile of the cookies.
  • The sensory experience (taste, scent, visual appeal) plays a significant role in the enjoyment of the flavors.

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