How to Get a Job Promotion [4 CLEVER TIPS]

Here are the key takeaways from the content provided:

  1. Focus on Providing Peer-to-Peer Feedback

    • Shifting from top-down feedback to peer-to-peer (lateral) feedback helps alleviate the burden on leadership by fostering accountability among team members. This practice creates a stronger team culture where members are not only accountable to their leaders but also to each other.
  2. Give Bottom-Up Feedback

    • Employees should not hesitate to provide constructive feedback to their superiors. Doing so can alert leadership to small issues before they become more significant, and it's a valuable form of managing up.
  3. Develop a Holistic View of the Company

    • Rather than focusing solely on one’s department or area of expertise, employees should develop a broad understanding of the company's various functions. This holistic view adds value and prepares one for higher-level roles.
  4. Take On Portions of Your Boss’s Role

    • Employees aiming for growth should try to assume about 20% of their boss’s responsibilities—and strive to perform those duties better. Taking initiative in this way can lead to recognition and advancement.
  5. Understand How the Company Makes and Protects Money

    • All employees, regardless of their role, should understand how the company generates and maintains revenue. Knowing whether one’s role is directly or indirectly related to revenue generation is critical, and employees should seek to enhance the company's financial health in their capacities.
  6. Continued Value in a Growing Company

    • Value to the company can be continually added by following these suggestions, which are especially pertinent in a high-growth environment but also relevant to companies with normal growth patterns. These practices can lead to promotions and greater influence within the company.

The overarching theme is that proactive communication, taking ownership beyond one’s immediate role, and a company-wide perspective on operations and growth are essential for individuals to succeed and advance in their careers, especially within rapidly expanding companies.

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