CIA Spy: "Leave The USA Before 2030!" Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Gut! - Andrew Bustamante

  • Andrew Bustamante is a former CIA officer who now uses the skills he learned as a spy to help others succeed in business and everyday life.
  • A critical skill for anyone is to detect when they're being lied to. Whereas bad liars tend to talk a lot and make many statements, good liars speak less and ask more questions.
  • People generally have four core motivations: reward, ideology, coercion, and ego (RICE). If you address someone through the lens of their motivation, you can influence their actions substantially.
  • Bustamante emphasizes that the CIA trains officers to distrust their perception and rely on objective perspective, recognizing that emotions often lead to incorrect judgments.
  • The process he learned in the CIA, called SAD RAT (Spot, Assess, Develop, Recruit, Handle, and Terminate), has been adaptable to business, contributing to the success of his company.
  • Bustamante believes it's paramount to understand and manage one's emotions and fears, leveraging the training principle of 'stress inoculation', which is a controlled exposure to fear to handle it better logically.
  • He resigned from the CIA to focus on his family, concerned by the excessive time demands placed by the agency.
  • China and the US are heading towards parity, which can lead to increased global tension as both will become primary targets for each other.
  • Bustamante contends that we are currently in a form of World War III, characterized by proxy wars between smaller nations funded by larger nations like the US and Russia.
  • He plans to leave America by 2027 due to the country's ongoing struggle with identity and quest for equality, which he believes are false pursuits since people secretly desire superiority.
  • Disguises in espionage, also known as costumes, are used to hide agents' true identity but are less elaborate than often portrayed in media.
  • Equality is unattainable, Bustamante changed his belief that people could be equal, as he now sees that the true nature of humanity is to seek an advantage over others.

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