How I Live On $25,000/Month In New York City

Key Learning from the YouTube Video:

Topic: Q&A Session with Sam

  • Being a Soon-to-Be Dad: Sam discusses his concerns about raising a spoiled child or one that may become a drug addict. He desires to instill grit in his daughter by potentially only offering to pay for tuition and medical, withholding other luxuries.

  • Life After Wealth: Sam reflects on his lifestyle changes after selling his first company. He emphasizes that while his spend increased modestly and he indulges in some luxuries like business class flights and a nicer home, the most significant change has been a boost in confidence and his approach to starting new ventures.

  • Alternative Business Ideas: Sam mentions that before starting Hampton, he considered creating a research or database company but couldn't find a compelling problem to solve. Although he finds research businesses interesting, he chose Hampton because it fit well within his "Ikigai," particularly what he's good at and what the world needs.

  • Using Virtual Assistants: Sam advocates for the use of virtual assistants due to their ability to free up time by handling tedious tasks. He recommends a specific service and discusses the value and impact such assistance has made on his productivity.

  • Painful Feedback: Sam recalls impactful moments, including being chastised for lacking domestic skills, overly intense conversation habits, and being discouraged by a CEO he admired. These instances motivated him to improve himself and prove others wrong.

  • Overhyped Business Models: He criticizes the hyperbolic embrace of NFTs and web3 concepts as well as the newsletter space, which he deems difficult and overly crowded.

  • Advice on Networking in a New City: Sam stresses the importance of reaching out to peers with potential and attending meetups to build a community of ambitious people. He shares his own experiences hosting a book club and cold-emailing to meet new people when he moved to San Francisco.

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