10 Journalling Prompts That Changed My Life

Key Takeaways from the Journaling Prompts Video

  1. Journaling as a Life-Changing Habit

    • The speaker outlines journaling as a transformative habit that has led to positive changes in their life since 2014.
  2. Question Prompts for Reflection

    • There’s value in using thought-provoking prompts to guide journaling.
  3. What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

    • This question helps assess if you're pursuing what you truly enjoy or are chasing financial safety. It should lead to considering how to use talents to serve others.
  4. Eulogy Exercise

    • Reflect on what people would say at your funeral about how you impacted their lives. This exercise provides clarity on personal values and life purpose.
  5. Reflective Questions for Long-term Goals

    • Ponder what repeating your last week’s actions for a decade would lead to, guiding you towards positive long-term habits and adjustments.
  6. Wheel of Life Assessment

    • Evaluate different life aspects such as work, health, and relationships. Determine alignment between current actions and future objectives.
  7. Odyssey Planning

    • Imagine different life paths: current, alternative, and radical. Assess what life could be like in 5 years along each pathway.
  8. Goal Clarification

    • Asking "What is the goal, and what is the bottleneck?" helps pinpoint what you aim to achieve and the main obstacles in your path.
  9. Brian Tracy's Goal-Setting Exercise

    • Write down ten goals, select the most impactful one, and make actionable steps to achieve it.
  10. Business Reflection

    • Entrepreneurs should consider whether they work for their business or the business works for them, aiming for the latter.
  11. Two-Year Mortality Thought Experiment

    • Consider how you'd spend your time if you only had two years to live. This can help realign current actions with true life priorities.

Personal Applications and Changes

  • The speaker has applied these prompts to their own life, leading them to make significant changes such as leaving medicine to pursue teaching and content creation.

The Impact of Reflective Journaling

  • Reflective journaling using these prompts aims to inspire action that aligns with individual values and aspirations, potentially altering life trajectories in meaningful ways.

Audience Engagement

  • The speaker encourages viewers to share their favorite journaling prompts and reflect on how they can integrate these questions into their own lives.

Closing Notes

  • The speaker values feedback and engagement on the prompts shared, with an emphasis on living a life that's aligned with one's passion and sense of purpose.

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