[SUB 🇮🇩] Wawancara Coach Shin Taeyong

Key Takeaways:

  • Challenges in Indonesian Football:

    • The biggest challenge is changing the lifestyle habits of the people in Indonesia, adapting to cultural differences, and overcoming language barriers.
  • Sports Culture in Indonesia:

    • Although badminton yields significant success, football is very popular, with stadiums filled to capacity.
  • Infrastructure Development:

    • Indonesia has relatively weak sports infrastructure, but hopes to improve it due to postponed events such as the World Cup, now moved to 2023.
  • Local Player Development:

    • The presenter believes in fervently developing local Indonesian talent, insisting on the need to modify the existing culture of complacency and slow pace in training and football administration.
  • Influence of Foreign Coaches:

    • Inspiration and influence from coaches like Park Hang-seo are acknowledged. The arrival of Indonesian football officials to recruit such talents is highlighted.
  • The Story of Recruitment:

    • Anecdotes are shared about how officials flew to interview and recruit coaches discreetly to avoid attracting media attention.
  • Football Aspirations:

    • The Indonesian football community highly respects Asian teams that have been successful in the World Cup.
  • Korean Competition:

    • The speaker discusses how Korea is favored by many in Southeast Asia, leading to a positive reception of Korean coaches and players in Indonesian football.
  • Challenges with Dual Nationalities:

    • Players with dual nationalities, especially those with Indonesian and Dutch heritage, face complexities in citizenship decisions which affect their ability to play for national teams.
  • Personal Goals:

    • The speaker wishes to create systemic changes in Indonesian football, focusing on young player development rather than just immediate results. Their goal is to build a youthful and competitive team.
  • Personal Struggles:

    • The speaker talks about being in a state of "quasi-confinement" due to the responsibilities and pressures of their role, indicating a high level of personal investment and challenge.
  • Conclusion:

    • The presentation concludes with a hopeful outlook for the successful development of Indonesian football and gratitude for the shared insights.

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