Coin Bureau 2024 CRYPTO Predictions: Our Top 10!!

Crypto Predictions for 2024 (Summary by Coin Bureau)

Video Title: 10 Predictions That WILL Happen In Crypto In 2024

Prediction 1: Approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF

  • Bloomberg ETF analysts assign a 90% chance for a spot Bitcoin ETF to be approved between January 5th and 10th, 2024.
  • If denied, applicants like BlackRock could sue the SEC.

Prediction 2: BTC to Hit New All-Time Highs

  • BTC might exceed $80,000 by the end of 2024, following a historical pattern.

Prediction 3: The Bitcoin Halving Effect

  • The Bitcoin halving will not have a significant immediate impact on BTC's price as the event is mostly priced in by informed investors.

Prediction 4: Emergence of New Crypto Bull Market Narratives

  • Decentralized social media, gaming, or AI could form the narrative for the next bull market, possibly due to increased censorship on centralized platforms.

Prediction 5: Ethereum Layer 2s Gain Adoption

  • Ethereum's Denune upgrade in January could make Layer 2 networks as fast as some Layer 1s, potentially regaining market share from EVM-based Layer 1s.

Prediction 6: Adoption of Stable Coins for Payments

  • Ethereum and and its Layer 2s will facilitate stablecoin payments, especially non-USD stablecoins, following regulatory frameworks like the EU's MICA.

Prediction 7: Use of BTC for International Trade by Sanctioned Countries

  • Countries like Iran and Russia may start using BTC for international trade, proving the possibility of using BTC for such purposes.

Prediction 8: Companies Adding BTC to their Balance Sheets

  • Publicly traded companies might start holding BTC, boosted by changes to crypto accounting rules and the availability of ETFs.

Prediction 9: Relaunch of FTX

  • FTX could relaunch by Q2 2024 and compete with other exchanges if it overcomes IRS claims for $24 billion in unpaid taxes.

Prediction 10: Election of Pro Crypto Politicians

  • Political elections worldwide could result in the election of pro-crypto politicians amidst growing concerns over CBDcs and cashless societies.

Bonus Prediction: Growth of the Coin Bureau Club

  • The Coin Bureau Club aims to reach 10,000 members in 2024, offering actionable crypto alpha, reviews, exclusive deals, AMAs, and a Discord chat.


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