Should you avoid watching pornography? | Pros & Cons of Porn

Key Learning From the Video

  • Pornography Use Statistics:

    • 70-80% of men and up to 32% of women use pornography, sometimes frequently.
    • Traffic to porn sites increased by 11% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Positive Aspects of Pornography:

    • Can lead to more positive attitudes towards sex.
    • May result in increased sexual desire and experimentation.
    • Watching with a partner can enhance relationship satisfaction.
    • No direct link found between pornography and sexual violence.
  • Potential Problems with Pornography:

    • Problematic use, not officially recognized as addiction, affects 4-10% of users.
    • Greater risk with more consumption and when coupled with depression or anxiety.
    • Moral incongruence or preference for pornography over partner intimacy.
  • How Pornography Affects the Brain:

    • Dopamine release from viewing mirrors that during real sex.
    • Risks associated with problematic use:
      • Upregulation of dopamine pathways.
      • Development of tolerance and cravings.
      • Impulsivity, compulsivity, and impaired executive function.
      • Dysphoria when not watching, affecting other life aspects.
  • Real-Life Consequences:

    • Avoidance of daily activities, social isolation.
    • Financial issues from excessive spending on pornography.
    • Potential impact on mental health (depression, anxiety).
    • Viewing at young ages can distort expectations of sex and self-perception.
  • Misrepresentation of Sex:

    • Pornography oftentimes does not depict reality (heavily edited, consequences-free).
    • Unrealistic body and performance standards which can prompt self-esteem and performance issues.
  • What You Can Do:

    • Recognize the potentially problematic use of pornography.
    • Be cautious with comparisons to unrealistic portrayals in porn.
    • Future videos to tackle reducing problematic use and discussing pornography with children.

The creator emphasizes that no one should be shamed for their sexual behaviors if they are not harmful to themselves or others, and promotes healthy and informed decisions regarding pornography consumption.

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