Business Finds: Hormozi’s Skool Investment, $700M Water & VC Hacks

Key Learnings:

  • Genius Deal Flow Hack for VCs: A company helps VCs improve their deal flow by taking pictures of entrepreneurs as they leave top fund offices, and then sells that information to other funds.

  • Stealth Mode Announcements on Twitter: An account called Stealth Coy tracks and announces when individuals change their LinkedIn profiles to indicate they're working on something new in 'stealth mode.'

  • Post-Exit Challenges: Jake Kassan, the founder of MVMT Watches, shared his struggles with loneliness and depression after selling his company and now seeks personal fulfillment.

  • School, A Community Platform Investment: Alex Hormozi, publicized his significant investment in a community platform named School, which has more than doubled its traffic compared to a major competitor.

  • Review Sites Skepticism: Review sites may not be trustworthy as they often aggregate Amazon reviews or are influenced by SEO and affiliate marketing, leading to biased product recommendations.

  • Liquid Death's Marketing Campaign: Liquid Death, a water brand, gained attention and traffic by auctioning off ad space on their product cases rather than paying for expensive Super Bowl ads.

  • High-Income Spending: A financial review highlighted an affluent couple's large monthly expenses to show how high-income earners can still struggle to save despite earning millions annually.

  • Monopolization of Review Ecosystem: A small number of media companies dominate the review space, casting doubt on the trustworthiness of many popular review sites.


  • There was a general interest in strategic innovation, unconventional marketing techniques, data-driven approaches, and financial transparency.

  • Concerns were voiced about the authenticity and reliability of online review systems and the personal well-being of successful entrepreneurs post-exit.

  • There is a demand for unbiased, high-quality product reviews, potentially leading to new business opportunities.

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