Benarkah Ferrari dan Ducati Gandeng Aryanto Misel? | Buka Mata

  • Aryanto Misel is known for inventing the Nikuba, a device proposed to convert water into fuel.
  • There were claims that Aryanto Misel went to Italy for trials of Nikuba as part of a partnership with famed automobile manufacturers Ferrari and Ducati.
  • Aryanto Misel did travel to Italy on June 16, 2023, with Sumardi Dadang and Immanuel Hutapea, as per an Indonesian Army website statement.
  • Videos purportedly show representatives from Ferrari and Ducati, named Enrico and Corrado, testing Nikuba and discussing partnerships in Italy.
  • However, Enrico is identified as the CTO and Sumardi as the President Director of PT Octagon Precision Indonesia, not representatives of Ferrari or Ducati.
  • PT Octagon Precision is an official distributor of electric motors for the Gesits brand in Indonesia and engages in general fabrication and electronic equipment.
  • Enrico and Corrado are directors of UK-based GEMPaCS LTD, involved in the electric motor industry, but they do not list employment at Ferrari or Ducati on their LinkedIn profiles.
  • A video shows a contract signing with Corrado, who represents GEMPaCS, not Ferrari or Ducati.
  • The activities in Italy, including the testing of Nikuba, took place at the facility of S&H Automotive Industry.
  • The signing of a collaboration with Corrado signifies cooperation with GEMPaCS, not Ferrari or Ducati.
  • PT Octagon Precision, not European automotive companies, invited Aryanto to Italy.
  • There was actually no collaboration announced between Nikuba and the automobile giants Ferrari and Ducati; the partnership was with GEMPaCS.

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