🔥🥩 Die Wahrheit über den SKOTTI-GRILL | Langzeiterfahrung | wirsehnunsunterwegs.de

Key Takeaways

  • Location and Weather: The video is shot by a beautiful lake in Scotland on a day with perfect grilling weather.

  • Product Review: The speaker offers a detailed review of the Scotty Grill after one year of use during a 11-month-long journey.

  • Fuel Types:

    • Initially highlighted that the grill can operate on both gas and charcoal.
    • Personal preference shifted to using gas due to its convenience and faster heating time.
  • Recommended Gas:

    • Scotty Gas or Primus Power Gas is recommended for optimal performance.
    • Issues with regular Primus gas in cold weather were noted.
  • Cleaning:

    • The grill gets dirty, especially with grease buildup.
    • Regular cleaning is necessary; recommendations include using a stainless steel wool pad.
    • Discusses that the grill won't return to its original metallic shine, which is normal.
  • Usage Experience:

    • Relatively easy to clean most of the grill.
    • The protective bag also gets greasy and can be cleaned but will show signs of use.
  • Grilling Performance:

    • Mentioned that food cooks unevenly sometimes, depending on various factors like wind direction and type of gas.
    • Accepts this as a manageable issue, suggesting placing slower-cooking food in the cooler spots.
  • Maintenance:

    • Routine maintenance includes wiping the grill and bag with kitchen towels.
  • Final Thoughts:

    • Despite some minor inconveniences, the Scotty Grill is highly appreciated for its compactness and rapid setup.
    • The speaker and their companion have grilled more in the past year with Scotty Grill than with any other grill before.
    • The grill's portability and ease of use make it a favorite for their travels.

Recommendations & Tips

  • Use specific gases like Scotty Gas or Primus Power Gas for better performance, especially in colder conditions.
  • Clean the grill after each use with stainless steel wool and kitchen towels to maintain hygiene, though some staining is inevitable.
  • Manage uneven heating by positioning food accordingly.
  • Understand that grilling can be messy, and frequent cleaning is part of the process.


The Scotty Grill is praised for its portability, ease of use, and minimal setup time, making it ideal for travel grilling. While maintaining cleanliness and managing some heat inconsistencies are necessary, the grill's advantages outweigh these minor issues.

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