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Key Takeaways:

  1. Resource Recommendations:

    • Minimum Gallery: An excellent resource for clean and minimalist designs, although it lacks filtering options by industries or UI elements.
    • Perfect for inspiration on dark mode websites, featuring a variety of business types.
    • The go-to site for top-tier inspiration, offering diverse design styles and filtering options for different UI elements and business types. Their blogs and case studies provide additional insights into the design and development process.
    • Offers inspiration from well-established brands, focusing on UX elements and websites that are business-oriented.
    • StacksOnDeck: Similar to but with a focus on highly interactive UI elements. It's a good resource for both design inspiration and development practice.
  2. Physical Inspiration:

    • Magazines: You can find layout and color inspirations from magazines found in bookstores, clothing stores, or shopping malls. Specific mention of Uniqlo's magazines for minimalistic design inspiration.
  3. Using Inspirational Resources:

    • The essence of using these resources is to transform inspiration into unique designs. Creating mood boards and analyzing navigation and user experience from the collected inspirations are key steps before starting on a project.
  4. Mindset on Resources:

    • Favors quality over quantity, suggesting 1-2 reliable go-to resources. Mentions a preference for using sources like and over Behance or Dribbble for more practical and real-world applicable inspirations.
  5. Upcoming Content:

    • Future videos will delve into the process of using multiple inspirations to design a website.

Let the creator know your go-to inspiration resources in the comments, and check out the other videos for more insights.

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