PEDAS! Bung Towel & Anjas Asmara Kritik STY: Naturalisasi Jangan Asal Comot! Part 02

Here are the key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Naturalization in Indonesian football can be advantageous regardless of the head coach's identity, as visible from victories like the significant 3-0 win in Hanoi.
  • Concerns are raised about over-reliance on naturalized players in the Indonesian national team, indicating a possible lack of confidence in local talent.
  • The term "local pred" (possibly an abbreviation or slang regarding local players) is criticized for undermining the quality of Liga 1 (Indonesia's top domestic football league) and its local players and coaches.
  • The debate continues about whether naturalization is a sign of "laziness" from football authorities in developing local talent, and the technique and tactics being imparted to players by foreign coaches like Shin Tae-yong are scrutinized.
  • There's a mention of Indonesian football history, noting the achievements and efforts of past coaches and the need for honesty and combativeness on the pitch.
  • A critical view of the current tactical approach is presented, suggesting that playing defensive or 'park the bus' football is not the ideal strategy.
  • The conversation addresses the pros and cons of naturalization, with opinions varying on whether naturalized players should be prioritized over developing local talent.
  • There is mention of FIFA rankings and recent improvements in Indonesian football, including making history in the AFC Cup and reaching the U-23 Asian Cup semi-finals.
  • The discussion touches on the broader implications for Indonesian football's infrastructure, from the top-tier achievements to grassroots development and youth academies, and the need for accelerated progress across all levels.
  • The dialogue also touches on how to measure success in football and the role naturalization plays, whether it provides short-term wins or long-term benefits for the national team.
  • There is a call for better management and an accelerated improvement in local football competitions and infrastructure to strengthen the sport within the country.

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