We Got Drunk And Came Up With 8 Business Ideas (#540)

Key Learning from the Annual Drunk Ideas Episode

Overview: The hosts discuss their favorite episode of the year, known as the "Drunk Ideas" episode. They highlight that the ideas presented are knowingly bad and the justification for sharing them is the concept of drunk ideas, even though neither host actually drinks.

Liquid Death: A brand of carbonated water that originally seemed like a dumb idea on the podcast, but went on to be highly successful, potentially preparing to go public.

Drunk Ideas Concept: The hosts enjoy bringing potentially bad business ideas to the table under the guise of being influenced by alcohol. This concept allows for free-thinking and unfiltered creativity without serious scrutiny.

Past Ideas Discussed:

  1. Very Long-Distance Girlfriend: A comedy idea involving social relationships.
  2. Secret Camera Roll: An app posing as a calculator that reveals a hidden camera roll when the correct numbers are entered. It is questioned why this hasn't been built yet.

New Ideas:

  1. Habit Island: Based on a previous concept named Hostage SF. It involves taking someone to an island for 42 days to forcibly create healthy habits through a controlled environment without distractions.
  2. Fake AI Influencers: The potential for artificial (AI-generated) influencers to replace human influencers. The discussion involves creating a fake masculine influencer ("Fake Tate") much like fake female influencers who have found success.

Better Than Google Group: A Facebook group where users trust recommendations and advice from other members more than search engine results. The hosts consider it a brilliant idea and a possible investment opportunity.

Physical Newsletter Box ("Shan Box"): Following the trend of digital newsletters, a physical newsletter box delivered to users could provide a unique and tangible experience, making it an exciting venture.

Gut Shots: A healthy alternative to alcoholic shots, potentially served at bars, using ingredients like turmeric and ginger to offer the social ritual without the downsides of alcohol consumption.

Divorce Island: A vacation-style concept similar to a Sandals Resort but intended for recently divorced individuals to meet others in an environment where everyone has similar experiences.

Coffee Flip (Double or Nothing Coffee): A coffee shop where customers engage in a "double or nothing" coin flip instead of the conventional tipping system, potentially creating extra profit for the shop and employees.

Closing Thoughts: The hosts urge listeners who enjoy "Drunk Ideas" to engage with their content on social media or YouTube to ensure the continuation of these episodes.

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